Monday, September 2, 2019

Pacificon 2019

We had a MidWar tournament way back in September at Pacificon and I totally forgot to do a write-up about it.  There were twelve players and we ran it at 109 points.  Here's what I brought.

In the first round I faced off against Sam and his Soviet Mixed Tankovy in Counterattack.

My reserves arrived on the first turn and mowed down Sam's leading infantry unit as they approached the Objective.
The Henschel 129s did some serious work against Sam's light armor, knocking many of them out and keeping them from being very effective.
The KV-1s, however, would charge forward and run down my Nebelwerfers!
With nothing of Sam's force able to contest the swampy Objective, I was able to win 7-2, losing the Nebelwerfers and Marders (who ran away rather early).

In the second round I would battle Emiliano and his US Armored Company in Hasty Attack.

Emiliano's Priest Battery arrived early, but the Henschels repeatedly harassed them.
The small nature of the US force and the piece-meal way in which they arrived on the board allowed me to engage them one unit at a time, leading to a pretty uphill battle for the Americans.
The open board didn't help them either and my Panzergrenadiers head for the US mortar position.
I would go on to win 8-1, breaking the US formation.  It was a really good match-up for me on a good table for long range shooting.

Round three would see me engaged with Chris and his British Crusader Squadron in Breakthrough.

Chris' Crusaders would make mad dash into the back corner of the board, perhaps to camp my Reserves, but it was a strange choice to me.  His Carrier patrols swung around the oasis but were met by Marders.
The Crusaders and Motor Platoons eventually turned towards the Objectives, but the Ferdinand was in position to engage them after knocking out the Grants.
My Panzergrenadiers arrived on Chris' flank and caught the attention of several of his units.  They would be destroyed eventually, but tied down a unit of tanks and both Motor Platoons.
The early delay that I still don't understand, and the large force committed to dislodge my reserve troops ended up costing Chris.  I was able to pick off any tanks with potent enough guns to threaten the Ferdinand and had enough close cover for it to prevent from being assaulted.  I eventually pushed his forces far enough away to claim victory, 8-1, with only the brave Panzergrenadiers lost.

Three victories and a nearly perfect score was enough to get me a big win, my first tournament win in a very long time.  I would win the new German D-Day book and card sets for my trouble.