Tuesday, July 20, 2021

18 Months Later...

Now that I'm fully vaccinated and can come out of my cave, I was able to meet up with Russ for a game of Late War at 105 points.  Without any memory of how to play Flames of War  decided to bring the same list I had played against him way back in January of 2020, Tigers.


This time we met up at Game Kastle and had a bit better selection of terrain, and would play Free For All since it had been so long.

The main force of my attack, wth a large unit of Fallschirmjager, a pair of Tigers, and supporting AA make frontal assault on some Rifles with 6 Pounders and Universal Carriers in support.

Russ' Typhoons come in on the Tigers from the rear, but the flak guns shoot one down!

Another pair of Tigers keep an eye on the center.

The assault begins, and the Tigers hit and destroy the Carriers, leaving the Rifles without support.  The Fallschirmjager have taken heavy casualties, but enough remain to finish the job.

Russ sent a unit of Rifles to attack my objectives, but the Tigers catch up to them before they can secure it.

The Tigers and infantry push the Rifles back far enough to capture the objective and clam a win.