Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Two Games with Sam

I had the opportunity to play a pair of MidWar games with Sam while he was passing through my part of California the other day.  We decided to try out some new lists for the upcoming 80 point event at Pacificon Labor Day weekend, Sam running British armor and DAK panzers for me.

In our first game we rolled for a Rearguard, with Sam defending.

Sam used his four minefields to defend his flank, but I sent a platoon of infantry to breach it ahead of a platoon of Panzer IIIs.  They knock out a Grant from behind early.  The 2.8cm ATR would hold this position all game.  
My Panzer His and Panzer IVs pushed against the other objective, which Sam would defend with a platoon of Universal Carriers and a platoon of Grants.
A gap in the minefield has been made, and the Panzers are free to exploit.  
The Carriers have been withdrawn under heavy fire from the panzers, and the Grants are destroyed by the Panzer IVs.
With panzers all around them, Sams tanks try to hold on, but they lose too many.  8-1 victory for Ze Germans!
In our second game we would switch sides and I'd be defending in Encounter.

Sam would push pretty hard here with Grants and Carriers, my Panzer IIIs and Lorraine Schleppers would counter.
Four Panzer IIIs are an even match to three Grants and they would stem the advance for now.
Stuarts arrived from reserve and quickly threatened my Schleppers, but my Panzer IVs were in a position to counter.  They would break and run.
The Carriers reversed all the way to the other side of the table and made an assault on my infantry.  Defensive fire would bail two and the third broke and ran.
Sam's Hurricanes only showed up twice in two games but they managed to bail an important tank.  Through a series of odd occurrences this would cause my formation commander and the Panzer III platoon to both be lost.  I'd eventually lose this one 2-7.
Some good practice and I think I'll take this in September.  I might try to squeeze one more tank in there somehow if I can.

Monday, July 16, 2018

MidWar at EndGame

NorCal hosted a small MidWar event last weekend at 65 points, and I brought a DAK Rifle Company- HQ, two Rifle Platoons, 5cm PaKs, Marders, Artillery, and an armored car platoon.

In the first round I would defend against Dave's British Churchill Squadron in No Retreat.

Dave drove all of his tanks and armored cars through this patch of woods, but I had placed my minefields to prevent them from easily coming out to shoot me.  His first tank made it through unscathed, but his formation commander hit a mine!
His lone Churchill assaulted me and pushed me back from the objective a bit, but his other Churchill hit another mine and the formation broke.
I narrowly won this one, only the minefields had any effect on the big tanks.  My Marders were able to destroy his Sherman platoon, leading to an 8-1 victory.

In round two I battled Sam's British Honey Squadron in Bridgehead.

Sam's Universal Carriers pushed his deployment down my flank pretty far, and the Honeys were able to overwhelm my objective early.  My Artillery and PaKs were quickly destroyed.
My reserve units came in and assaulted a pair of 17/25 Pounders, but couldn't do anything else.
A quick 1-8 loss to a quick and overwhelming attack by light tanks.  The Marders came in on the opposite side of my deployment area, and that was it.  Well played, Sam!

In the last round I faced Wyn and his US Stuart Company in Breakthrough.

I knocked out quite a few tanks early, from an ambush by the PaKs and a lucky artillery strike.
My PaKs held this scrub patch for way longer than they should have, and took out quite a few Stuarts, but ultimately were assaulted to death.  My infantry platoons did the opposite, and died super fast...
My formation broke once the second infantry unit broke and ran, but I was pretty close to breaking Wyn's army, too.  2-7 loss for me.

Fun event, looking forward to the next!