Tuesday, October 27, 2015

6MMRPC Week Twenty-One: Invasion!

With the Halloween holiday coming up, it was time to make some costumes for my boys.  My wife has thoroughly taken over my hobby space, preventing me from doing much of anything all week.  With yards of fabric and patterns strewn about, my painting has come to a stand-still.  I was able to clean up some FoW minis, but that's it.  It's ok though, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader costumes should lead to some epic lightsaber duels all over the house!

Monday, October 19, 2015

6MMRPC Week Twenty: Progress in the Cabinet

This week I was able to dedicate a couple of afternoons in my garage airbrush cabinet.  My lovely wife just returned from a trip to California and brought me back several colors of Tamiya acrylics, allowing me to finally get a nice match for both the Great War armor and the Ki-45.  I was also able to get an initial filter layer on the Great War artillery and armor.

My home-built spray booth.
The Mark IV and Whippet tanks were first primed in Tamiya Grey primer and then I airbrushed the recognition stripes.  Once those were masked I mixed up a dark tan color from Deck Tan and Field Brown.  Not much is certain when it comes to the color of these in 1918, but the one surviving Mark IV in original colors is a pretty good match.  The guns and mortars were airbrushed NATO Green.  

Slowly coming along...
The Ki-45 received a spotted came color of Japanese Army Green, and then I went back and sprayed the underside color between some of the spots.  Not perfect, but good practice.

My masks slipped and I will need to remove some paint from the canopy, but the rest came out pretty good!

I hope to get the landships finished up soon before moving on to some infantry.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6MMRPC Week Nineteen: D&D Terrain Scenery

I finished the Dungeons & Dragons scenery bits from Baueda that I primed last week, and worked on a few other things as well.  No zombies though.

These were pretty simple to paint up, I airbrushed them with Tamiya colors and then painted the details in with Vallejo acryllics.  A quick thinned-down wash of Secret Weapon's Dark Sepia, a drybrush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand, and a quick spray of Matte Varnish seaded the deal.  These should look nice mixed into the other items I painted up several months ago, or in the back of a wagon.

All of these are from Baueda except for the large chest on the right.  Got that in a pile of bits at a swap meet.

I also got some work in on the Great War landships, masking and painting their identification stripes was a pain, so many rivets and other odd bumps wouldn't let the masking tape settle.  I'll need to touch them up later.

I hope to get these finished up this week.
 I even got the base color down on the Ki-45, though it came out a bit green.

Making some progress on several fronts!

I finally get to check something off as finished!  Three piles of terrain taken off of the Mountain!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

6MMRPC Week Eighteen: Some More Great War WiP

A few days late this week due to a power supply failure, but I have a little bit of work to report.  Not as much as I wanted to get accomplished, but a cold will do that.  

I managed to finish assembling and priming all of the weapons for the Great War commission, the male sponsons for the Mark IV landships, four OQF 18 pdrs and their caissons, seven Vickers HMGs, and four 3" Stokes mortars.  I also primed some bags, boxes, and chests for Dungeons & Dragons scenery.  

Great War bits from Battlefront, except for three Peter Pig Vickers HMGs.  D&D bits from Baueda.
 I plan (plan!) on airbrushing the Great War armor and weapons now that they're all primed this week.  I also want to get some other WiP items finished off and get these bags and chests knocked out.  The Ki-45 is also ready for paint.

While organizing my hobby space I stumbled across an old binder full of old gaming stuff, mostly D&D and WEG Star Wars character sheets.  I even found my first ever character, a 2nd Edition D&D Cleric named Red Bear, and realized it had been 21 years since I created it and rolled my first dice in anger.  I even found four survivors from my first set so long ago.

My first D&D charcter is old enough to drink...