Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Churchills vs. Panzers

Russ was in the neighborhood and we got a quick game in at Great Escape.  We played Free For All and Russ brought Churchills and Shermans against my Panzer IIIs.

Russ' Churchills and a battery of 25 Pounders hold this side of the board, so I use my Panzer IIs to increase my deployment a bit.
My Panzer IV Fs try to hold off the now advancing Churchills.
My Schleppers and the 25 Pounders trade shots, Russ losing two while I lost one.
I lost one Panzer, which caused them to break and run since they weren't in command.  Not really a fan of that new rule.
With only Panzer IIs to hold the Objective it was only a matter of time before the Churchills run them over.  My Panzer IIIs spent the game dueling some Shermans to no result.
Well, this game was quick!  Once the Panzer IVs ran it was over, but really it never looked good.  Un-upgraded Panzer IIIs have no chance vs. these newer tanks, even with some numerical superiority.  Panzer IVs are overpriced, but I really don't want to use Marders, either.  Not sure if this Panzer list will work after all against these new British heavies, and once the Soviets appear, they're probably toast.