Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Legion League: Week Three

I had the bye on week two, so my second game of the league matched me up against someone I had previously played at Kublacon, Nick.  We both had Imperials, and he had a pair of tanks vs. my single.

My single tank helped this position for most of the game, destroying one tank and several Stormtrooper squads, but was ultimately taken out by the second tank.
Lord Vader and his escort squad of Stormtroopers did some damage, but I was outnumbered.
Fun game, and close until the last turn.  We only had a combined total of about five figures left on the board by the end of turn six!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Napoleonic Flags

I put some flags onto my friend Hal's 6mm Napoleonic teams for him, since his eyesight isn't what it used to be.

Hesse Darmstadt Infantry
French Line Infantry
More French Line Infantry
Wurttemburg Infantry
Baden Army
More Baden Army
Frankfurt and Wurzburg Infantry

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Panavia Tornado Strike Aircraft

These are resin and metal models, the first I've painted from Battlefront.

Armed with JP233 Submunitions
Flight of two.  Decals went on way better on these.

MBB PAH-1 Anti-tank Helicopter

My first ever helicopter models, these are all plastic.  I had a difficult time with the gloss on the canopies, the acrylic cured funny and cracked.  I had to go back with an enamel and redo it.

Not only did the canopy give me a difficult time, but the deals also wouldn't settle.  Tricky for sure.
Full flight.

LARS 2 Raketenwerfer Batterie and M113

Who doesn't like rocket werfer trucks?  LARS are resin and metal, OP M113 is all plastic.

Rocket trucks are always cool looking.
Full battery, used gloss for the windows.
Last minute addition to the list, so had to modify a US M113 into a West German one.  Swapped the .50 M2 for a spare MG3 and used a WW2 British tanker for the commander since they looked similar.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Fliegerfaust Platoon

I'm not sure i like the large-based infantry units, but I guess these have taken the place of gun teams in Team Yankee.  Armed with Redeye missiles.

Matching yellow flower tufts, gives them some color and helps fill the large spaces on the big base.
The entire unit.

Gepard 1A2 Flakpanzer Batterie

A big battery of flak tanks, same all resin construction as the Leopard 1s.

Very nice models, I think they came out pretty good.
All of them together.

Luchs A1 Spähpanzer Patrols

The core of the second formation are the Luchs armored cars, four units of them.  Resin and metal minis.

You can really see the WW2 lineage in these.
One of the patrols.
The whole group!

Leopard 1A4 Platoon

Leopard 1s were part of Dave's second formation, I painted an HQ tank and a platoon of four.  The models have resin tracks and unfortunately were chipped in a few spots.

Black berets for the Panzertruppen.
HQ and platoon together.

M109G Batterie

Some armored artillery to support the Panzergrenadiers.  Resin and metal minis with magnetized gun barrels.

Red berets for the artillery troops.
One of the few vehicles with molded on stowage, broke up the tracks-and-guns monotony.

Jaguar 2 Raketenjagdpanzer

More tiny tank destroyers!

These are armed with TOW missiles, and finally got to paint a crewman.
These can be fielded as Jaguar 1s as well, and I'll be painting the optional tops.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Jaguar 1 Raketenjagdpanzer

These little missile-armed tank destroyers came out pretty good, they are resin and metal models.

Low-profile and armed with a HOT anti-tank missile.
Tiny Tank Destroyers!

Marder 1 A2 IFV

Panzergrenadiers need rides and these Marder 1s belong to the infantry.  These are all plastic models and painted up really nicely.  I used an airbrush to do the NATO camouflage the brush to finish the details.
I kept the weathering light, just an overall wash of dark grey and grime and dust on the tracks.
Both Panzergrenadier platoons and the HQ.

Team Yankee West German Panzergrenadier Platoons

I finished up most of a large commission of Team Yankee West Germans for my friend Dave.  He took them to Historicon for Nationals this week, hope he does well!  I painted two units of Panzergrenadiers and the formation HQ, they are small units so painted up pretty quickly.

I used some flower tufts from Army Painter to give them some color.
Two platoons plus HQ.