Monday, December 3, 2018

X-Wing Double Play

I headed up to Chico last weekend for a couple of games of X-Wing at Heroes Corner with my good friend Reno.  There were four players, two Rebel, two Imperial, and I played both Imperial lists.  I brought this:

I got to play Reno first, and he brought three TIE Advanced x1, with Darth Vader, Marek Stele, and Ved Foslo.

Saw Gerrera was separated from his X-Wing escorts pretty early and was quickly shot down by a pair of TIEs.
Skywalker and Tenza focused down Ved Foslo's TIE and there was quite a furball at close range, leaving a single survivor for each side.
The game came down to Skywalker vs. Stele, and the Imperial fighter ended up with the win.

 A close game down to the end, but a beat-up Red 5 couldn't quite pull it out.  Still looking for my first victory.  Second game would be against Steven and a pair of Imperial heavies.

A heavily equipped Decimator and a supporting TIE Reaper quickly took down Skywalker, with lots of dice modification and automatic damage dealing.  I almost took out the support ship, but couldn't quite get a kill.
That Decimator had something like 17 Hull/Shield points, and could dish out 4-5 points each round.  Just didn't have the firepower to even scratch it.