Monday, March 28, 2011

DAK Nebelwerfers

Finally painted up some Nebs for my DAK list.  Been trying to do these for a few months now but kept putting it off.  Plan on using them for the Nor Cal circuit tournament in Oakland in April though, so I have a deadline.  Dumb thing is, they took me all of about an hour and a half to do.
One of the crews on bottle caps.  Started doing them this way in Korea, hence the Hangul.
Close up of one of the crews.
Whole battery.  Still need to do a wash and highlights, then groundwork.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mountain Display Board in Progress

I built a display board for my Gebirgsjager for a tournament in Portland, OR last year and thought I'd post some work-in progress pics.  I used blue insulation foam sheeting and GF9 static grass and snow,  with some Woodland Scenics trees and some evergreens I bought in Japan a few years ago.

Making sure everything fits.
I set up the board with the army being displayed.  I wanted to make a three-tier board.
This is the board once I built it up with bits of extra foam.  I marked where I wanted to sit my different platoons to make sure I had space.
Gorn rock.  I wanted to display my HQ on the top tier along with my objectives.  I also knew I wanted a large rock of some kind to draw attention to them, so I picked the most iconic of Hollywood rocks, the one where Captain Kirk fights the Gorn.
Some other boulders.  I just carved up some extra bits of foam.
Painted and with Static Grass.  I just used some acrylic hobby paint I stole from my wife.
Snow, leaves and trees added.  The Static Grass and snow are from GF9, the leaves and trees are Woodland Scenics and the evergreens I bought at a train store in Osaka, Japan.
Some close ups of the detail areas.

My Gebirgsjäger

Thought I'd start off by posting some pics of my Gebirgsjager army.  It took me two years from bits to table, and I still add platoons here and there when I have new ideas for tweaking my list.  These poor guys have been chewed on by a rabbit, crushed by kittens, dropped off tables and had books fall on them, but I keep re-attaching their heads and machine guns.  I have won Best Paint several times with them and Best Historical at a major competition in Vancouver, Canada. (40 players)

HQ and first platoon
Pionier platoon
Tiger I
10.5cm GebH40 
Staff team
Looted 75/34 StuGs

It's Alive!!

I have joined the blogosphere with what I hope to make into an engine to motivate me to paint on a regular basis.  Finding time is very hard these days, with a new job and a 9 month old son stealing most of my spare time.  I figure if I feel like I need to make regular updates to the blog here, it will force me to sit at the painting table, even if it's only for a few hours a week.