Monday, December 4, 2017

6MMRPC Week Twenty-Two: Repairs and X-Wing

This week I finally finished repairing all of the damage from the move, at least the models that still had all of the parts.  There are a few more that will need more extensive repairs from my spares box.

Paint touch-ups on these.
Had a few broken crew and hatches on these.
I also got a game of X-Wing in with my friend Kevin, his first and my first in several years.  I really can't imagine playing this as competitively as some do, but I understand the depth that it allows.  I'm quite happy to keep it a 'beer and pretzel' type game.

Kevin's TIEs make a head-on attack on one of my Y-Wings!
Jek Porkins scores the first kill vs. a TIE Interceptor!
The game was super fun and I barely took the win.  Out of two X-Wings and two Y-Wings vs. Kevin's three TIE Fighters and two TIE Interceptors, it came down to a single X-Wing vs. a single TIE Interceptor, and I got a lucky four hits to finish the TIE.