Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Star Wars Fleet Action

I finally got to play Star Wars Armada with my friend Kevin, and it was a blast!  We tried the introductory mission just to get our bearings, but found ourselves struggling with the rules a bit.  I think we eventually figured the basics out, but it took us a minute to get there.

After a couple of turns, my Nebulon-B Frigate had charged forward to fire on the Victory-class Star Destroyer's flank.  Our fighters had mostly engaged each other in the center.  Shortly after, the Star Destroyer would vaporize my CR90 Corvette in one shot...
In revenge, my frigate continues to batter the Star Destroyer's flank.
After circling the Star Destroyer and knocking all of it's shields down, my frigate was also completely without shields.  On the final turn, Kevin's ship was down to three hull points, and my frigate missed it's close-range shots.  With only two squadrons of X-Wings left to fire, I was amazingly lucky to get two hits with my first shot!  Down to a single hull point, and with one shot left, my X-Wings score zero hits and the Star Destroyer jumps into hyperspace to fight another day!
That ending was worth all of the slow rules-reading!  We surmised that the Star Destroyer's mission must have been to take out some Rebel VIP hiding on the corvette, then jump into hyperspace to make their escape.  Kevin lost all of his TIEs, and I lost the corvette and a squadron of X-Wings, giving him the victory.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Quick Allied Objective

I painted this Allied objective to give it as a prize at a Flames of War tournament I hosted a few days ago.  I used some German casualty figures and a pair of British Paras that I think were originally tank riders, and some old objective that I've had in my stash for about a decade.  Logs and wood still give me issues, and it came out a little shiny as I didn't have my usual brand of matte varnish available, but I still think it came out ok.

I added some extra sand bags with green stuff, to give the Brits something to sit on.
Simple, but it only took a few hours from start to finish, most of that on the figures.