Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun Game at Zia

Got a game in today with Ken at Zia Comics and had a fun time.  1650 Late War to practice for a tournament next month.  I ran Cassino FJs from the new Fortress Italy book and Ken ran Polish armor (Shermans).  Ken's poor Fearless troops couldn't roll above a two for morale but still killed three of my platoons before I forced him to make a Company morale check which he failed.  4-3 win for the FJs.  The new book allows me to add Panzerfausts, which are always a good thing, but also increased the price of each Combat and Weapons platoon by 10 points because of the 2+ morale.  Luckily a few other options, such as the Marder IIs dropped by a few points and it's basically a wash.  Couldn't get any pics since my boys threw my phone in a bucket of saltwater yesterday (happy birthday daddy!) but did get to use my new Crescent Root terrain base which looked amazing.

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Terrain Bases from Crescent Root Studios

I don't usually post about stuff I buy but I'm making an exception.  I just purchased these terrain bases from and I already love them.
The pre-painted town base is made from laser cut MDF and has a locking system to keep everything in place.  It also comes with three road caps that can mark the exits from the town or more road sections can be added. (most likely my next terrain purchase)
The smaller base comes in two parts and is unpainted resin.  For a little extra they can come painted, but I'm going to probably use these for an Italian board.
I can only recommend these.  The larger pre-painted MDF board is $90, the small resin unpainted one will be back in production come June 2014.  I guess I must have got one of the last ones!

Out of the box.  

Just needs paint!

With BF buildings and a few loose trees added.