Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Polish C2P Artillery Tractors

These little armored tow vehicles were the nicest models in the bunch, too bad the rules for transport in Flames of War these days will probably keep them off the table.  Unknown maker.

Missing the windscreens, but none were provided.

Polish wz.34 Armored Car Platoon

Some reconnaissance, this time the wz.34 armored cars in all-metal.  Two are from True North, not sure about the other one.

Unit leader has a 37mm gun, MGs for the other two.

Polish TKS Tankette Platoon

These tiny little tankettes were easy to paint, but the gun barrels on the 20mm-armed leaders were impossible to keep straight.  True North all-metals, except one that's unknown and slightly different than the others.

First Platoon with the slightly more detailed oddball.
Tiny tankette swarm!

Polish Vickers Mark E Platoon

One unit of imported Vickers Mark E tanks, again from True North.

I made the unit leader stand out for these guys, had to cover up some already started camo work.

Polish 7TP Dual Turret Platoon

One of the platoons of 7TPs were the older twin-turret MG type.  One of these is from a different manufacturer than the other two, and has much more detail.  Others are from True North.

Again, similar paint schemes, with the odd-manufactured tank as the leader.

Polish 7TP Platoon

About half of a large commission of Polish armor consisted of 7TP tanks.  These came to me already assembled and base coated so please forgive any mold lines.  This is also the first time doing hard-edged camouflage by hand.  These all-metal models didn't have much detail or any panel lines, and didn't have any stowage.  Once the camo was done they finished up pretty fast.

One unit of three.  True North miniatures.
The company.  I kept the patterns similar except for some of the turrets to differentiate leaders.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Polish Guns

I finished up some Polish artillery and anti-tank guns for my friend Hal, he will be basing them later.  The anti-tank guns were pretty fiddly, about nine or ten parts each for some reason.

37mm wz.36 (Bofors) Anti-Tank Guns.  Unknown manufacturer.
100mm wz.14/19P Howitzers.  Battlefront Miniatures metals.
75mm wz.02/26 Field Guns.  Battlefront Miniatures metals, I think.