Thursday, November 28, 2019

Small Game of Late War

Johnny and I got together at the new Game Kastle store here in Sacramento to try and re-establish a FoW presence in town.  We decided to go for 80 points and I wanted to try out the newish Fallschirmjäger list from the D-Day German book.

We played Dust Up and Johnny had a US Armored Company.

Shermans and recon come straight at my troops, but my PaK40s get a few hits in.
I managed to knock out both jeeps and the armored car failed morale.  The Shermans shifted and managed to eliminate the PaKs with some help from mortars and 105 Shermans.
On the other side of the board, some FJs and StuGs hit the US infantry hard after my Nebelwerfers softened them up a bit. I won the assault and pushed them back out of the trees and began to close in on the Objective.
Johnny's Shermans managed to push my infantry back though, even through a solid Panzerfaust hit.  
Johnny won this one, a 2-7 loss for me.  He lost the recon and a unit of Shermans, I lost the PaK40s.  I needed more AT shots against so many Shermans.