Monday, April 29, 2013

Tuesday Night Dust Up?

Reno and I had a free night last Tuesday and we played a quick Dust Up.  Even though the game only went a few rounds we both had a blast!  Reno brought his Light Self Propelled artillery and I had my newly modified Fallschirmjager.  The Errata on HQ gun attachments forced me to make a few changes.  Previously I would take the Light Recoiless Gun platoon and attach all three HQ mortars to it, giving me a nice six stand gun platoon.  Now those guns must be distributed evenly among multiple platoons or stay in the HQ as a platoon led by the 2iC.  Boo...  I tossed the now extremely weak LG40s and kept the mortars in the HQ.  The extra points from the LG40s and a few less fortifications allowed me to buy two more HMGs to attach, giving me stronger FJ platoons, but a weaker sixth platoon and less wire.
Reno set up the board.  We decided to play Dust Up as he had played it in the April NorCal tournament and had a hard time of it. Late War 1780 to practice for Kublacon.  Looks like these will be the armies for both of us. 
Reno got to choose sides and denied me the town.  My deployment was in this corner, FJs with attatched HMGs and a Shreck.   Bunkers and trenches all forced into the corner.  Barbed wire deployed to slow down his advance.  
Reno's deployment, which he immediately regretted once we started.  IS-2s with tankos, Su-122s and Scouts on board.
Reno had all of his Su-76s and a platoon of Su-122s in reserve.  I think he also had Air Support but never rolled for it.   I had Stugs, a FJ platoon with attachments and the HQ mortars in reserve.  The new Errata made me rebuild my list.
Reno begins his advance but is hemmed in by wire.  
Marders crash through the woods and kill two SU-122s.
The other two retreat to guard the objective, but the Stugs arrive early and kill both.  
As the Stugs were close to taking the objective, Reno had to choose between sending his IS-2s back to take shots on them or going for broke and assaulting my objective.  He chose the latter and his heavy tanks with their tankos trashed my FJs.  They were forced to retreat, leaving my objective wide open.  We both now have tanks sitting on each others objectives, but we both can possibly contest. 
But, my Fearless FJ do not unpin! The Marders make their move, but fail the Stormtrooper test.  Reno takes my objective before I can take his.  5-2 for Reno, I killed the Su-122s.  
So close!

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  1. Commiserations on the loss, but as you say, close... There are certainly times when you curse the dice!