Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First game in the desert

When I first learned my wife's career would bring us to New Mexico I did a little searching on the interwebs for a new group of guys to game with.  With no prospects I quickly resigned myself to four years of very little Flames of War action but lucky for me I found a small group of mostly brand new players at a local comic shop here in Las Cruces, Zia Comics.  I found their Facebook group and arranged for a game last week and played Adrian Lopez.

2000 points of Panzers vs. Soviet tanks in Counterattack.
Panzers cross the river to fire on the Soviet infantry.
My attempt to force the bridge crossing ultimately failed.
Again, I get to the objective a bit early...
As the reserve T-34s shot me in the flank...
Panthers get some payback though!
But victorious!
Just about everything else in my army was dead though, and I failed company morale.  4-3 victory for Adrian.


  1. Fun looking game Rich. Glad you have found a new group to play against in your new home state!