Sunday, March 2, 2014

'Bout time for a game!

Got a game in with Ken today at Zia Comics, Late War 1750.  I ran Cassino Fallschirmjäger and he ran a Polish armored company with Shermans and Sherman Fireflies.  We rolled for a Hold the Line and I defended.

Deployment: I chose to defend the river and placed my Objective in the center of the deployment area, in the patch of trees near the road and river.  My small FJ platoon is holding it and the house near the bridge.  Ken placed his Objective in the patch of trees on the opposite side of the river and I placed my large FJ platoon there.  Ken's tanks and supporting infantry are spread out around his deployment area, his 25 pound battery in on the far hill.
Ken's recon Stuarts move up to the trees opposite the large FJ platoon supported by a platoon of infantry.  
Fallschirmjäger holding the river bank.  Attatched MG42s ope up on Ken's infantry, killing two stands.
Having given away their position, Ken's artillery is able to range in.  Fire from the Shermans kill three stands of FJs.
The Marder IIs reveal their Ambush, killing a Firefly from the left platoon and killing two Shermans and Bailing two more from the center platoon.  The latter platoon fails a Fearless motivation check and breaks.
The StuG platoon arrives and prepares to engage the left side Shermans now that the Firefly is gone.
My 10.5s arrive from Reserve as Ken's troops prepare to cross the river near the bridge.
Ken kills a Marder with artillery fire on his turn and crosses the river.  He attempts to Assault the FJs in the bridge house, but they are pushed back by defensive fire.  On my turn the Marders and StuGs kill three Shermans and Bail two more.  The smaller FJ platoon moves out to push back the troops near the bridge.  The panzershrek team kills the Stuart on the bridge and Assaults the infantry platoon that crossed the river, destroying it.  Ken calls it and the Fallschirmjäger hold the line 6-1.
Good to get a game in, it's been too long.  I've heard that there might be a small tournament about three hours away in May, let's see if I can get something new painted by then.  Maybe 150. Panzerbrigade or Hermann Georing troops?  Looking forward to the new Italy compilations.


  1. Rich glad to see you are getting some games in!

    1. Not as many as I'd like! The kids keep me very busy since Britt has homework just about every day. There might be a small tournament about 3 hours from here next month though!

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