Friday, June 6, 2014

Hermann Göring Division / Luftwaffe Felddivision Platoons

Finally finished these guys!  I started this project about two years ago and planned them out so I could use them for HG or LFD troops.  I actually did quite a bit of modifications to some of these in order to get some varietyon my bases.  About half of them are the HG Panzergrenadier figures, most of the others are Mid War Grenadiers.  There are also several of the SMG troops from the Assault Group and even a few converted Fins, FJ and SS sculpts too.  Plenty of head swaps to get some early style  M38 caps too.

Company Commander and 2iC.  2iC is a converted LW SS officer.
I still want to add some extra vegetation or something to the bases, I had to get these finished up for Kublacon.  Plan on running these at Historicon as well.  Did the LW Blue edging on the bases again, really like the look.
This is the full-size Mid War LFD configuration.
Second platoon with Light Mortar team.

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