Monday, June 22, 2015

6MMRPC Week Three: 8.8cm FlaK WiP

The Objective entry into the Historicon painting competition is nearly finished, really wanted to get it wrapped up by tonight but the kids have kept me very busy all week.  Thankfully my wife gets back in a few days and I'll be able to find more hours to commit.  I decided to represent a static 8.8cm flak mount with a concrete base and wooden plank work area.  The balsa came from some leftover sections of bridge fom last years display board and were stained with several different thin enamel washes.  The ground texture came from Vallejo and was washed with AK Interactive products.  I still plan on doing a basic three-color camouflage on the gun and also decided to strip and repaint the crew I had nearly finished.  They were started years ago and they didn't quite match the fifth guy I painted this week.  A few ammo boxes were painted and are basically done, sans detailing.  The rounds need some more work as well.  This should be completed by the next update.


  1. Best of luck in both the contest and tourney. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

  2. Sounds like this will be yet another corker mate! Good luck!