Monday, August 17, 2015

6MMRPC Week Eleven: Nothing at All

A non-update update, as it were.  A deep post-event funk has set in around the painting table, as Historicon has passed and the next event I plan on attending will be in January.  I'm definately a deadline painter, and until then I'll continue to work on the Great War British commission for Col. Sam, though the joints in my hands bark at me before I can  make much progress on them.  Cleaning mold lines off of so many infantry dudes gets painful, and I get a few hours in per week at most.

On a brighter note, Shifting Sands 2016 has been announced for January 16 & 17 in Phoenix, AZ and it will be a Blitzkrieg theme next year, 1500 points with only lists from the book plus the Dutch PDF allowed so far.  I'm campaigning for the allowance of a few appropriate lists to be included as well, with ideas for Fallschirmjäger and Gebirgsjäger lists, with some easy modifications to existing lists from Burning Empires.  The planning phase has also started on what to bring next year, and I can get an Infanteriekompanie together without needed to buy any more than a single halftrack model, though if they decide to allow the two lists I suggested I may build one of them up.  I should have the models for either of those in the stash somewhere.

Next week I expect to have something to show you!


  1. What happened to your November Norcal tournament idea mate?

    1. Don't think it's gonna happen man, doesn't look like I'll be making a trip back to California this year for the holidays.

    2. Aww poop. Was looking forward to it too. O well. Next year I hope!