Monday, July 31, 2017

6MMRPC Week Four: DAK 2.8cm PzB 41

Mission accomplished, I guess!  I finished the anti-tank rifle that I started last week, having located some suitable spackle at the local hardware store, and was able to get a match to the basing I originally did more than twelve years ago.  The figures painted up quickly and the gun was already painted sometime last decade.  I also finished a barrel swap for a Panzer III, giving me an undergunned, but cheaper HQ tank for my future DAK Panzerkompanie for V4 Flames of War.  This will give me a 75 point force to practice with!

I found my old formula for the basing, fine spackle, Vallejo Khaki paint, and a sprinkle of sand.
Gun and crew by Battlefront.
I downgraded this Panzer III N to a short 5cm KwK armed Panzer III J to squeeze a few points out of the list for V4.
I'm not counting the tank against my mountain since I only had to paint and swap the gun barrel, but the gun counts.  I finally get to subtract something from my pile of lead!  The single stands so far haven't helped thin the numbers, as I only count full platoons of infantry on my inventory sheet.


  1. Very nice work. I'm contemplating DAK and 8th Army platoons for Chain of Command...and the new game by Sam Mustafa "Rommel" looks intriguing for some 6mm desert war stuff.

    1. Thanks! DAK have always been my favorite Germans, even going back to the old Gear Kreig game. Always been interested in the North African theatre, too.