Monday, February 26, 2018

Late War Event at EndGame

Now that I'm happily back in California I can participate in some local-ish events again!  NorCal FoW Club hosted it's first event of 2018 at EndGame in Oakland, a 1780 point Late War tournament to prep for the Nationals we'll be hosting at Kublacon in May.  I took my usual Fallschirmjäger, as my Führer Begleits are still on the painting table in varied states of assembly.

This list comes in at 1775 after the rebate from the Rocket Launcher for the now unneeded commander.  

In the first round I'd be playing Clive and his Soviet Red Army Strelkovy Batalon in Encounter.

I deployed my Pazerwerfers well back and facing his large artillery battery, Marder IIs are hidden in the woods.
My FJs and HQ are deployed on the other side, facing Strelk and a bunch of light guns.  Clive would get first turn and advance straight away with pretty much everything.
The FJs would see bombardment every turn, from at least two of his four batteries.  The Strelk and some light guns move up, ready to attack once the FJs numbers are reduced.
My StuGs arrive from reserve and the Marders shift to engage a group of mixed T-34s that are pushing the flank.  One T-34/76 is destroyed early on, but return fire destroys a StuG and Bails Out another.
Some good shooting from the Marders and StuGs knock out all but two T-34s and the Strelk never chance assault.  My Panzerwerfers did some damage to some supporting units, but neither of us manage to do much damage to each other.
This game would time out and we both only managed to score one point.  1-1 draw in the first round.

In round two I'd be matched up against Doug and his German Grenadierkompanie.  The mission was Bridgehead.

I sent one of my FJ platoons supported by Marders through the fields to engage the Grenadiers in the buildings.  Doug had Panzer IV Hs and a pair of Sd Kfz 231 armored cars behind them.
I used my Scout platoon to advance my deployment area on this side, and my other FJ platoon, StuGs, and 8cm mortars prepared to assault the Grenadiers on the objective.  
I guess I forgot to take more pictures during this one, but Doug ambushed three PaK40s behind the Grenadiers, knocking out two StuGs and forcing them back behind the hill.  The FJs and Scouts were able to assault the Grenadiers and PaKs off of the objective, and secured it before Dougs reserves could come to the rescue.  8-1 for me in a surprisingly quick game.

The third round would see me on the same table, but in Hold the Line against Pablo and a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie.

I rolled to attack, even though Pablo had a Mechanized list, but he left his halftracks off the board.  My Scouts and an FJ platoon would move up through the woods on the left, while my armor and other FJs moved up the right.  
None of our tanks managed to hit anything on each of our first turns, but the infantry continued to advance.
On my second turn, the StuGs and Marders managed to knock out a Panzer IV, and a well-placed round from a panzerschrek would get a second.
Things were going much worse on the other side, as we didn't know that Battlefront had errataed the Stuka Zu Fuss half-tracks, and after several rounds of being hit by a giant template, my FJs were forced to retreat out of sight.  The Marders moved to support, engaging and knocking out several 7.5cm cannon-armed 251 half-tracks.
After my Panzerwerfers softened up the Panzergrenadiers, the FJs were able assault and take this objective, while the Marders knocked out some of Pablos reserves before they could move to support it.

I managed another 8-1 win, which would put me in a tie for second for the tournament.  The Fallschirmjäger played as expected, and I really liked the Panzerwerfers.  It was a fun event and we had eleven players total.  Thanks to Sam for hosting!


  1. Nicely done. Great to see (relatively) expensive FJs kick some butt :)

  2. Thanks! I think Infantry need to be very aggressive in V4 to work well, and FJs are great in attack.

  3. Going to Endgame? I miss that store. That must of felt like going to homecoming. 😀

    1. Yeah, that's one of the few stores where we still get together for tournaments. Great store.

  4. FoW is pretty much dead in Sac now I guess?

    Good to see the chaps still putting on tourneys at GSN though.

    Well done on 2nd place!

    1. Thanks! Without any local game store support, it pretty much died. I did have six players come to Sac last weekend for an event at ConQuest, though!