Monday, May 7, 2018

6MMRPC Week One: Panther Gs and PaK40s WiP

So far this week I've had a surge of renewed Flames of War initiative in preparation for the West Coast Nationals at Kublacon later this month.  I've assembled and primed a Fallschirnjäger 7.5cm PaK40 platoon and a unit of three late model Panther G medium tanks.  Now I just need to unbury my paint booth from the bowels of my garage...

Guns and crew are Battlefront metals, Panthers are plastic PSC with metal MG barrels from Battlefront.


  1. Good start! THose PSC panthers look like nice crisp efforts. Hope their tracks are simpler to assemble than their older kits.

    1. The Panthers are really nice, only crap parts were the simplified exhaust and MG barrels. The tracks consist of four parts per side. (road wheels, drive sprocket, upper and lower tracks)