Saturday, September 1, 2018

90th Light Afrika vs. Italians

Hal and I found time for a game to test out some 80 point lists for the upcoming MidWar event at Pacificon.  I built an infantry list using the 90th Light Afrika Rifle company so I could try out the 76.2 cm PaK36(r)s and Dianas.  I also took captured 25 pounders, as those were in the division, and a pair of Panzer IVs to sub in as the unit's pair of StuG Ds.  We played Free for All.

2 HQ 2x SMG
8 Rifle 4x MG34 1x 2.8cm ATR 1x HMG
8 Rifle 4x MG34 1x 2.8cm ATR 1x HMG
8 Rifle 4x MG34 1x 2.8cm ATR 1x HMG
15 ATG         3x 7.62 ATR
14 Artillery 4x 25 Pounder
10 Diana 3x Diana
12 Panzer 2x Panzer IV E
2 Scout 2x Sd Kfz 231

1 Brandenburgers card

Hal took an Italian armored list supported by 88mm AA and infantry.
I used my recon to push my deployment up a bit and gave my PaK 36(r)s some better shots.  My infantry move to occupy the buildings, while the guns knock out a tank at long range.
Unfortunately the Italian artillery ranged in on the first turn and immediately knocked one of the guns out.
My PaKs lose to the artillery, and my armored cars are forced to try and slow down the Italian tanks, but they fail.  They would immediately run for it.
The infantry and their anti-tank rifles would need to hold, and they do!
Support fire from the Dianas and several well-placed ATR shots would see the M14/41s all destroyed.  Time to advance!
My Panzer IVs aren't able to hold back a unit of Semoventes.
They would advance and try to capture the objective.
The formation commander's tank would hold long enough for the Semovente's to win out.
I think I did pretty decent against a large force of light armor, though I learned that four Semoventes are better than two Panzer IVs!  I also need to use my artillery earlier to disrupt opposing batteries.