Sunday, June 2, 2019

Legion Game at Great Escape

I played a warm-up game of Legion with Mason at Great Escape Games here in Sacramento to prepare for my first tournament at Kublacon.  I picked an Imperial list with some basic stuff in it, while Mason had Rebels.  We didn't play with any scenario card since we wouldn't hav veto for a full six turns.

We deployed across from each other and both had about 800 points.

Mason made an attack run at my AT-ST with his T-47, but a solid volley of fire from the walker had disabled its main guns, reducing him to strafing with his rear gunner for the rest of the game.
Scout Bikers make for the gap between buildings, looking to harass any Rebels they find along the way.
Stormtroopers move forward behind the cover of some rocks.
Mason's T-47 strafes Lord Vader, but he parries several shots back at it.
The Scout Troopers make it through the gap, but not before Rebel Commandos drop several grenades on them as they fly past.
Luke Skywalker charged a squad of Stormtroopers that had just reached an important Astromech objective, and were all killed by the Jedi's weapon.
My AT-ST fired on its predecessor, a Rebel AT-RT, doing slight damage.
Stormtroopers charge into combat with some Rebel soldiers, and we are forced to call the game due to time.
I had a fun game and Vader continues to be mean when he gets in close, Mason's terrain looked great, too!

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