Saturday, December 14, 2019

Early War at Game Kastle

We had a small Early War event last week at Game Kastle here in Sacramento and decided on 1350 points.  I brought a Panzerschützen force from Hellfire and Back.

Game One I played against Hal and his Italian Fucilieri.  The Mission was Breakout.

I didn't have much to defend the objectives, and Hal had mostly terrible troops, but a whole bunch of them.  If he played aggressively I wouldn't last long.
Luckily for me, Hal did not send the bulk of his armor at my lightly defended objective.  An ambush by Panzerjäger Is  managed to knock-out one of his M14s and Bail Out the rest, but they stubbornly remained.  His L3 flamethrower tankettes skirted around my mines, but my PaK36s knocked a few out.  
Hal's Fucilieri made a push on the other side, but repeated strikes by my Stukas, and fire from the Schützen kept them back.  I finally assaulted them back far enough to secure the game.
If Hal had come forward early he would've won big, but he kept a unit of five tanks back to defend against my reserves, and never used his second infantry unit.  8-1 win for me.

In the second game I defended in Bridgehead against Russ and his British Infantry Tank Company of Matildas.

On turn one my Stukas came in and took out an 18/25 Pounder and a Matilda I.  They would come in every turn this game.
My Panzerjägers ambushed another group of Matildas, and knocked one out!
A unit of Matilda Is assaulted my position, driving off the infantry and reducing the PaKs to a single gun, but two of them were Bailed Out in the process.  This was my best chance, but it was no use.  They both got back in.  My Panzers could only park threateningly at them near the objective.
Once Russ' Matilda IIs arrived that was game.  2-7 loss for me!
It was nice to have an event in Sac again, even if it was the unsupported Early War.  Still was good to get together!

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