Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tigers Marsch at Great Escape Games

I snuck in a game against Russ at the local game shop last weekend and used to opportunity to show my youngest son a few basics of the game.  Mostly he rolled the dice and helped deploy the models, and I took over from there.  I put together a very simple list of Tiger tanks from the D-Day German book.  Russ brought British infantry.

Our table.  We played Free-For-All.

Two units of Tigers would approach the bulk of Russ' forces, protected by AA.
The other unit of Tigers and a Fallschirmjäger unit would advance through the 'Haunted Forest'. (Not much store terrain for 15mm that day)
Some lucky shots knocked out two of Russ' Achilles on the first turn, and another on the second.  The AA did good job of protecting the Tigers from some roaming Kittyhawks, but once the RAF targeted the halftracks they quickly died.
With only a single effective AT weapon left, the Tigers began to advance across the open fields.
My 2iC was left behind to secure my objective from any British shenanigans.
The rest of the Tigers encircled Russ' infantry and mortars on the other side, securing the victory.
Poor Russ didn't have anything but the Achilles that could really hurt the Tigers and once they were gone it was only a matter of time.  First time I brought Tigers out in years, really fun!

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