Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 Review

 Man, what a strange year!  I was able to paint a bunch of minis during the first half of the year, but all of them were for other people.  Pre-shutdown I managed to get a single game of Flames of War in, and a handful of other games before March.  I only purchased a few units for Legion, and added a few scale aircraft to my stash, but sold a ton of 28mm D&D minis and some other random bits from my mountain.  That's one way to reduce the pile of unpainted minis I guess, just not as much fun.  I also picked up some Transformers minis from WizKids, but there's no game for me to use them in.  Maybe 2021 will see an eventual return to normal gaming, but I don't see that happening before summer.  I find it hard to paint anything without an event on the horizon to use them in.

Flames of War Japanese Type 89 Tanks

Flames of War Japanese Type 94s and Type 97 Tankettes

Flames of War Polish 7TPs

Flames of War Polish 7TP Dual Turrets

Flames of War Polish Vickers Mark Es

Flames of War Polish TKS Tankettes

Flames of War Polish wz.34s

Flames of War Polish C2P Tractors

Team Yankee West German Panzergrenadiers

Team Yankee West German Leopard I

Team Yankee West German Leopard 2s

Team Yankee West German Marder I IFVs

Team Yankee West German Roland AA

Team Yankee West German Fuchs

I managed to reduce my mountain of unpainted miniatures and also painted more than I bought, even if I didn't get to keep any of them!  I painted 74 models, sold 113 more, and only bought a few things here and there, for a total difference of -175.

Some new projects for 2021!

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