Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frozen Garage Battle

Had a game with Riha (also known in internet land as The Mathamagician) the other night.  Hasty Attack at 1780.  I ran the same list as in my previous post: 1. Fallschirmjäger from Cassino.  Riha used 101st Airborne from the Nuts! book, complete with all the crazyness.  He had two full airborne platoons with attatched HMGs, two M18 Hellcat platoons, a recon patrol and a two-gun medium mortar platoon.  We used the new experimental TD rules.  Think we got in about 10 turns, maybe more as both of our forces were decidedly roughed up by the end and niether of us could really gather the numbers to finish the other off desicively.  As we were banished to the unheated garage you may be able to see the icicles hanging from our eyebrows.  Additionally this game ran a bit long into the next morning, didn't get done until after midnight!  The game was finally decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors- do my last two StuGs assault his last three Airborne guys in buildings or do they jump out and assault me?  He lost and charged in, missing all his attacks.  We then rolled nothing but twos to swing back for three rounds before he finally bailed a StuG and his friend ran away.  4-3 Win for Riha!
Here we are about two hours in.  His first Airborne platoon has already been wiped out in an assault on the far left objective.  His second is moving to try again.  He's also lost one TD platoon to fire from StuGs and bunkers, but not before recon and both TDs eliminated my Marders before they could even hit anything.  Mortars hiding in the back.
Myforest objective guarded by the weapons platoon and the remnants of the small FJ after pushing back the first assault by the  Airborne.  
Town objective defended by large FJ and StuGs.  Burning Marders in the field...

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  1. I like the table layout. By an amazing coincidence I played the same mission with 1st FJ from Cassino recently. I didn't face US Paras though.