Friday, February 1, 2013

Riha Rematch!

Had another game with The Riha this week, decided to mix it up a bit.  I've been playing the Cassino FJs for a few months now and wanted to try out something different.  I put together a list of Grenadiers from Grey Wolf to practice for an upcoming tournament. (NorCal 2013 event numero uno)
My list was:
HQ with Windguber 2ic upgrade, CiC faust and shrek, 2x Grenadier platoons with fausts, Scouts,      4x Marder IIIM, 3x 5cm Pak 38s, 4x Stugs, 15cm artillery battery, 2x 8cm mortars, 2x MG42 (attatched out), and a looted T-34/76.  Nine platoons of fun!  Riha ran the same 101st Airborne fan-boi list with 2 bulked up platoons, 2 Hellcat platoons, Recon patrol and a pair of medium mortars.
    We played Counter-attack with Riha attacking.  I deployed my Grens in the corner with the fields and we both had to get to the open objective, but Riha couldn't capture until turn 6.  There was a series of bloody assaults up the middle by his Airborne, supported by both of the TD security sections and the Recon too while his other Airborne platoon tried to get through the town and to the objective.  Luckily for me my Stugs and Looted T-34 were able to catch them in the open and kept them away from the objective.  His assault up the middle did cost me the Pak platoon, a Grenadier platoon, most of my 15cm artillery battery and my CiC before Windgruber was able to lead the Scout platoon back into the crops to finish the now battered Airborne off.  They were also assisted by a rather lucky one-gun mortar bombardment that killed 4 stands!  The game was very close from start to finish and my Marder platoon ambush worked super well.  4 hits, 4 kills on a TD platoon.  The Scouts (assisted by Windgruber) were ultimately the Heros of the game though, killing an Airborne platoon, and a Security Section in two separate asaults, while securing the objective long enough for the Stugs and Marders to break his company.  The game went about 8 turns before I got his company to break, 4-3 for me!
Riha moving his Airborne turn one.
My deployment corner.  Grens with attatched Shrek on the left, second Gren with Windgruber in front of the artillery.  Scouts dashing towards the open objective on the lower right.
Riha rushed me on turn one, hitting my poor light Paks with every .50 MG he had.  I really hate those things..

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