Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NorCal Circuit 2012 awards ceremony

Before we started the 2013 tournament season we had our awards ceremony for 2012.  Lots of great awards for lots of great players.  Had some other pics of other winners, but they didn't come out right.
Here we are getting started.  Eric Riha, who won the Best Overall for the year, got to choose one of the new Army Boxes.  Nick is MCing and Dai, Ed and Neil are lurking in the back.  
Reno Besseghini received the Always A Bridesmade award for attending the most tournaments without placing.
I got Third Overall and Best Overall Presentation.  Picked up most of the stuff I needed for a 150. Ersatz Panzerbrigade list and a prize package from AK Interactive. 
Russ Moore was Best Overall Sport and received the awesome Forged in Battle Landkreuze P.1000 "Ratte".  Jealous! 

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