Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Battlefront Early War Sale

I'm a sucker for a good deal, especially on Flames of War stuff so I went ahead and grabbed a pile of new minis.  I'm not a huge fan of Early War and the local group won't even consider playing it until an American list comes out (maybe in a year or two?) but I couldn't pass on the sale.  I've wanted to build a Japanese force since they were announced but couldn't logically buy into it until now.  For just over $200 I bought every blister and box I might ever need for any list I'd want to run. This will be the first non-German army I own, mostly because it's too large an investment to own more than one, but luckily these troops will be usable in any future Japanese list as well.


  1. Nice haul! The Japanese are a great force, tough as old boots and fun to play with and against. I used to not be too excited by Early War, but now I've played it a bit more I've found it to be good fun. The shorter ranges of most tank guns and the greater chances to save armour hits give it its own dynamic.

    1. Yeah, this will be a 'just for fun' army I think. The huge numbers of light tankettes that other lists can get will probably prevent the Japanese from being a serious tournament list.

  2. Rich painting non-german???!!! You must be an imposter.

    The Japanese always sound fun for sure. Wish BF would put out a broader Pacific theater EW as I'd start up a Chindit army in a flash.

  3. Been buying Germans since 2005. Strange times indeed.
    I imagine that an expansion of EW Pacific forces will eventually be a reality, maybe even by the end of 2015. They'll probably have LW wrapped up by spring and it's that or a MW re-do.

  4. Early war is a lot of fun. It plays a lot different to late war.