Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Late War Tournament in ABQ

Made a drive up to Albuquerque last weekend for a quick two-round event hosted by Active Imagination.  The group up there has been rebuilding after experiencing a drop-off in FoW players recently but the guys that do play are great.  It was Late War 1650 with a June-October 1944 restriction.  All of the tables were themed bridge-crossings.  I had no idea what to take so I just threw a 26. Panzerdivision list together from Fortress Italy.  My list had: Panzer IV Hs in the HQ and a platoon of four more, three Panther As, four StuG M42s (semoventes) four 8-rads in two patrols and a platoon of Grenadiers.

My first game was against Jeff and an Irish Guards list with Cromwells and Challengers in Surrounded.  I won the roll to attack.

Weak-side deployment.  Grenadiers and the 2iC.  This would at least keep some of the tanks on this side of the river, which was Impassable for the tournament.
The rest of my force deployed on this side since all of Jeff's tanks were on the other side of the river.  His Immediate Ambush dropped next to the bridge but my Panzer IVs rushed him Turn One and killed both.  Panthers would work up the left side taking long-range shots at the tanks on the far side of the river.  M42s would engage the Stuart platoon while my Recon worked through the trees to close with the Infantry dug in by the bridge.
Working up the flank!
M42s are more than a match for the Stuarts but my 1iC left himself exposed!
The Challenger bagged a Panther but my Panzer IVs were able to assault the infantry, clearing this side of the river of Allies.  With the only way accross the river blocked, nothing could get close enough to contest.  6-1 victory for me.
My second game was against Derrick and a King Tiger company in Dust Up and I barely came away with a victory there.  A failed Stormtrooper prevented his 1iC King Tiger from rotating his turret and my Panthers arrived that turn from reserve and snuck a round into his rear.  The M42s blasted a trained 88 platoon out of it's foxholes and my Panzer IVs killed some infantry before dying during a brutal assault.  5-2 win for me but it was much closer.  Phone died so no pics!

Had a great time and Active Imagination provided at least a blister to all five players, plus gift cards to the top three.  Thanks again to Keith for running it!

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