Sunday, March 15, 2015

1. Fallschirmjäger vs. 82nd Airborne

Battle of the paras!  Jon and I met up in El Paso for a game of FoW yesterday.  We rolled up Pincer and Jon set up a nice looking board using some of his new-ish Battlefront buildings.  1750 points, since anything more than that is a bit crazy unless you really want to play with lots of super tanks.
My list:
Jon had two Airborne platoons with attached LMGs, a battery of pack 75mm howitzers, a pair of 40mm Bofors AA, recon jeeps, and a platoon of British Cromwells and a Challenger.

A look from Jon's positions.  His AA is in the center field and one Airborne platoon is occupying the town.  The other is in Ambush.  His 2iC holds the manor house on the hill.
I deployed my large FJ platoon on the far side backed up by the HQ mortars and StuGs.  The smaller FJ platoon, the Gebirgsjäger platoon, LG 40s, and Marder IIs are on this side.  Nebs on the hill in back.
Gotta get moving!  Gebirgs move At the Double up the hill, while the FJs move to support.  Marders hold position in the trees, LG40s move into range of the manor.  
On the other side the FJs advance with the support of the StuGs.  I'm able to Pin Down the Airborne but only kill one stand in the church.
Jon deploys his Ambush platoon to cover both of the objectives, firing on the Gebirgs and FJs, killing two stands.  The FJs assault into the building, clearing it and capturing it, losing three stands but killing eight.  Gebirgs move up and Dig In, while the Marders get moving.  Jon's Bofors and 60mm mortars demolish the house, killing the remaining five FJs in one round of shooting the next turn.  
I attempt to brave the defensive fire from this building but cannot make it through.  Both smoke attempts miss.  Only nine shots, but Jon hits six times.  They remain Pinned Down for most of the game.
After several bloody assaults by Jon's troops to remove the FJs from his town, they are eventually killed to a man.  8cm mortars are able to kill two LMGs in the building allowing the 2iC finally clear the house of US forces.
The British tanks arrive from reserve but are caught between StuGs and Marders.  Once they are destroyed, the Gebirgsjäger, remaining Marder, and LG40s concentrate fire on a platoon of recon jeeps, killing two before the Gebirgs assault them.  They're chased off and the 1iC, LG40s, and Gebirgs are able to take the objective from the AA platoon.  4-3 victory, but it was bloody.  
That was rough!  Whenever I needed smoke, it missed, when I did get it my Fearless troops woudn't unpin.  All of my FJs died!  All twenty stands of 2+ morale goodness, never even got a chance to roll.  The Gebirgsjäger I put in to fill points won the game for me, shooting up and then assaulting two platoons.  Somehow the StuGs were able to sneak around the town and threaten the rear objective, forcing the British tanks to give their flank to the Marder platoon.  Jon's Airborne were stubborn, but they eventually failed a morale check and quit the field.  We may have found a few more players in El Paso too, probably going to try a regular gaming day at Sun City Games.


  1. Nice game. So many stands lost too.

    1. It was a blast, though I've never failed so many 3+ checks.