Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Storage Shelves

My friend Tom gave me some old media storage shelves and I decided to convert them into storage for my smaller non-Flames of War minis, mostly X-Wing stuff.  These had previously lived in boxes piled in a corner of my hobby area and I figured it was a perfect time to get them out and put them on display.  I went out and found a used TV stand at a thrift store and bought a third identical shelf unit from Walmart to give me enough matching material for extra shelving, then purchased some shelf pegs at Lowe's.  For less than $50 I now have plenty of space to display my X-Wing, Dungeons and Dragons, and associated terrain items.  I also have plenty of space for future purchases, such as Star Wars Armada, etc.  I may look into having some glass panels made for doors.

I mounted the two shelf units to the top of the TV stand and cut the third unit up to add extra shelves in the center and in both units.  
Plenty of space to expand my already extensive X-Wing collection, plus room for lots more.
Tom also gave me a fourth, smaller unit that I mounted to a small drawer unit I use to store my unbuilt models.  I was able to bring all of my hobby supplies out of boxes and put them in reach of my painting desk.


  1. Nice setup Rich. Nice price for it all as well.

    Armada.... it's calling me and I have resisted thus far. But only just.

    1. Thanks. I had the little media shelves sitting in my garage for months and finally decided to do something with them. Only took a few hours once I had all of the components.

      Armada is beckoning to me as well, very hard to resist that temptation. Put some stuff up on Bartertown, maybe I'll get lucky.

  2. Far too neat.......all space on the painting table should be covered with lead and paint bottles!
    If my other half sees this she will go mad with me!