Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cragmaw Bugbear and Goblins

Painted these up for a D & D campaign I'm running for some friends.  All minis are from Reaper's Bones line, soft rubbery resin.  Cheap, about $2-$3 a mini, but the mold lines are a bit annoying to clean up.  The resin is so bendy a file doesn't really do much.  Easy to do conversions though!  Crossed 10 minis and some terrain items off of the Lead Mountain list.
Klarg, leader of a band of Cragmaw raiders, and his pet wolf, Ripper.  Had to mount ol' Klarg here to a large base.
I decided to color-code minis to designate which classification they fall into.  Brown for Beasts.
Yeemik and her Goblin minions.  These are from Reaper's Pathfinder line, I just loved the look of these guys.  I swapped some weapons around and did some simple modifications to individualize the Goblins.
Elakin Endrunikaar, the group's Wood Elf Ranger.  After seeing the goatee I had to make a Green Arrow knockoff.
Paola's Wood Elf Rogue, she's still trying to come up with a name.
Some bits and junk for the grid map we use for dungeons.  They're plaster casts I got from someone on eBay for cheap.


  1. Nice to see some non-FOW stuff!

    Loving those gobs and bugbear too.

    Will there be more?

    1. Thanks Dai. I've got a bunch to try and get done still, I've puchased most of the minis needed for the 5th Edition starter set I'm running now and then. One of the better modules I've read and it's filled with great monsters.