Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6MMRPC Bonus Edition: 3.7cm PaK36 Platoon

I painted a full platoon of 3.7cm PaK36s to match my Luftwaffe boys, a pair of Anti-tank Rifle teams too for Early War.  I'm pretty happy with how the grey came out, but I'll probably add some ammo boxes later.  These were finished just in time to catch my plane back east and were rushed a bit.

A no-brainer for any German infantry company in Early War.

I'll probably never use these guys again...
Four more guns knocked off the mountain!


  1. Super cool mate. I'm not the biggest fan of EW in general, but have to say I do love all the early German grey vehicles and guns.

  2. I hear you on Early War, it's by far my least favorite. The grey was a challenge though, always nice to try something different.