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Historicon 2015 - I-95 Doubles

Another trip to Historicon kind of happened by accident.  I ended up with a flight credit of about $400 and my friend Russ was given a room with a pull-out couch so my trip expenses of 'food only' made it possible.  Strangely enough, I almost didn't make it.  Missed my flight out of El Paso, had to fly 'standby' out of Houston on a day when Southwest oversold everything, and managed to get the last seat on the last direct flight into DC that day.  I had already told my ride to go on ahead to Fredericksburg, the shuttle service wanted $180 to get me there from the airport, and my last option was to take the Metro to Amtrak.  When I got to the station, I had just missed the last train and Russ had to come pick me up afterall.  What a nightmare.
I still hadn't found a partner for the doubles event, which was Early War 2000 points, by the time I was registering.  While waiting in line for my badge, my two NorCal compatriots, Russ and Dave, had located a partner for me, Gerald, who put together a German Panzer III list to go with my infantry.
Our first round would be against some familiar faces, Steve and Mark from I-95, former opponents from last year's event.  They had a Soviet force, Cossacks and Red Banner Strelkovy.  The mission would be Blind Domination.

Steve and Mark determining the order which their forces arrive.  NorCal's own 'Team Kielbasa' lurking in back.
Gerald's Motorcycle Recon arrived on the first turn, ran up the road and dimounted on their Stormtrooper move, claiming two objectives before the Soviets arrived on table! 
Our Panzer IIIs and T-34 come on next, but the Soviets are coming...
The bulk of our forces arrive next, Gerald moves his Panzers behind the hill.
Soviet Strelk and dismounted Cossacks push forward, supported by a pair of T-34s.  My Grenadiers move to reinforce the center after claiming the near objective.
The rest of my army forms up behind them, mortars in the rear.
The German T-34 moves very aggressively towards the Soviet rear lines, destoying a pair of heavy mortars.
Gerald's Panzer IIs keep watch on the left flank, supported by his 1iC.
As Mark's Strelk move through the center, preparing for an assault, my Grenadiers move to strike first!  A bloody series of assaults sees both units break.
Once the threat from the center was removed, my second platoon of Grenadiers push forward.  The left flank is a mess of burning Panzers, but we end the game in a stalemate.  
2-3 draw.  This was a fun game, but those huge units of Trained Soviets are a pain.  Even the Conscripts made save after save.  The aggressive T-34 held two platoons in place and caused two more to shift to that position, a worthy investment in points.
Round Two was against Bruce and Martin's Poles, infantry and cavalry, in Fighting Withdrawl.  More huge units of Trained infantry, backed this time by Fearless Veteran cavalry.  Not liking our odds in this one, since we were the attacker.  
We make a general advance on the left objective since the center one was blockaded by about four platoons.  We kept the Panzer IIs near the center since the Poles had a platoon of cavalry waiting to hit us on the flank with their national Bypassed rule.  They could also intercept any platoon shifting to reinforce.  
The well defended center objective.  Poles ambush a 37mm anti-tank gun platoon, but score no kills.  
Panzers and infantry push against the objective.
On our turn the infantry assault the 37mm guns and 75mm artillery position.  Polish cavalry are moving to reinforce.
After the assault, the 37mm guns, and half of the artillery are gone.  Consolidated to this position.
The Bypassed cavalry arrive, but cannot get into assault.  Fire from the Panzer IIs, who've waited close enough to assist, and the MG motorcycle troops decimate the unit to a man.
The T-34 fires on a 75mm gun, destroying it.  The battery breaks.  Since the cavalry company has two platoons destroyed and one active, having already withdrawn one unit, the are forced to make a Company Morale test, which they fail.
The only chance we had to win this game was by trying for the company break.  It miraculously worked, after three consecutive Fearless test failures.  6-1 surprise victory!

After the comeback win, we had 8 points and would face Miles and Ron and their Germans infantry/tank list in Free For All.  

Our mobility would be limited with so many armored half-tracks and light armored vehicle MGs out there. 
The Motorcycle recon take the upper-left house.  Panzers advance.  Nothing wants to Dig-in. 
The T-34 waits to see where those Panzer 38s want to go.
My troops have moved up a bit but still can't Dig In.  Here come the bad guys.
The T-34 is hit once at long range and is destroyed by a 5cm PaK38.  Once it's gone, there isn't much left to resist the other side.  
None of my troops ever dug-in and the mortars, who were pinned on turn one, never un-pinned either.  The mobile troops moved quickly to thin out my infantry and then launched several mounted assaults to clear the objective.  1-6 loss against skilled opponents.

The I-95 guys always put on a great event, and their Domination missions are very fun.  None of them played in the Nationals event as they hosted a rotating team tournament of their own during the Nationals.  Prize support was great, they had a table of loot, with every team walking away with at least a blister.  I let Gerald grab something for himself as I have too much to paint already!  Thanks to him for joining up with me at the last minute.

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  1. Looked like a great time on some nice tables Rich. Thanks for sharing.