Friday, June 1, 2018

Kublacon 2018 - West Coast Nationals

This year's West Coast Nationals for Flames of War was held at Kublacon in San Francisco and was a Late War 1780 point event.  I volunteered to assist the TO but managed to get two games in on the first day before a drop caused me to forgo playing on the second day.  I brought my usual Fallschirmjäger infantry list, this time with some armored nebelwerfers in support.

In the first round I played against Josh and his Feldherrnhalle Panzerkompanie, a Reluctant Trained list that can take a bunch of cheap Panthers.  I would be the attacker in Counterattack after I 'won' the roll-off.

I moved up the flank pretty aggressively with a recon deployment, but Josh held his Panzerfusiliers in Ambush and decimated me once they were revealed behind the hedges.  My Marders would take out most of the halftracks, but it was too little, too late.
Half of my troops were gone from the ambushing MG fire.
On the other side of the table, Josh's Panthers would arrive from reserve quickly and beat me to the Objective.  Not much could be done against all those tanks.
My nebelwerfers managed to chase off his platoon of light AA, two bails and a destroyed halftrack.  
A 1-8 loss in the first round versus a ton of Panthers with lots of mobile MG support.  Not much I could do in that one, but I always love playing Josh!

In the second round I would again be attacking tanks, this time Scott's Kampfgruppe Kersher.  The mission would be Contact.

Again, I would use my Recon deployment to move my infantry forward.  Scott's list had a bunch of Tiger Is in reserve, and a Tiger II and a Hetzer in support.  I had to move quickly on the objective before more heavy tanks arrived.
My second infantry platoon and StuGs advanced towards the other objective, held by a Grenadier Kampfgruppe.
I assaulted the lone Tiger II and won, seizing the objective before his Tiger Is could contest.
I won 8-1, but had I not taken my recon platoon those Tigers would have been there first and I would've been facing a similar situation to my first game.  My event would end here as I dropped to help Sam, the TO, run the scoring and pairings.  Had fun, and I'm looking forward to next year!


  1. Nice pictures! How many were in the tournament ? I had to miss Kubla this year but I’ll be able to make Pacificon.

    1. We had 22, but one dropped after the first day, which is why I ended up not playing that day either. I was looking for you at the Civil War tables!

    2. It was too early after the arrival of the new baby to abandon the wife and run off to play games. 😀

  2. Fun looking games mate.

    Player base has really shrunk these days, eh? :(

    1. Yeah, there has been quite a bit of backlash about V4, unfortunately.