Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kublacon Armies on Display - 2018

I only grabbed a few pics of the armies left out for paint scoring, but I did take pictures of some games in progress.  Enjoy!

Eric Camba's Soviet Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Samokhodno-Artillyeriyskiy Polk
Josh Kegerreis' German Feldhernnhalle Panzerkompanie
Kanon Bene's German StuG Batterie
German Grenadiers defend against the Soviet onslaught!
German Panthers advancing against cleverly concealed Soviet assault guns!
German Tiger Is in a close-quarters gun battle vs. British Cromwells!
US Armored Rifle troops advancing through a ruined church!
German Panzers trying desperately to hold out against US Shermans!
US infantry moving out across a crater-strewn battlefield!
German infantry and guns blunt an Soviet armored attack!


  1. Looks great! Some good painters for sure.

    How many signed up to play?

  2. I’m having FoW tournament flashbacks! ūüėÄ

    Good times.