Thursday, May 9, 2013

A respite from painting all-nighters

To break up the monotony of furious last minute painting sessions, Reno cae over last night for one more practice for KublaCon.  Yet again, we threw our respective lists at one another, this time we played Hasty Attack.  Totally not anyone's favorite mission, but we think there's a good chance it might make an appearance in San Francisco.  Long game, but 4-3 win for the FJ.
The board
Reno started with IS-2s, Su-122s, and Su-76s.  First turn he rolls forwards.
Marders Immediate Ambush right behind some trees...
Right side objective with bunkers and small FJ.
Left side with removed objective, large FJ now need to move!
Turn two, soviets keep on comin'  Sturmoviks come in and kill a Marder, but not before my Flak nest shoots one down!
First reserve platoon arrives for Reno.
Turn three they keep charging through, 
Sturmoviks show up and kill another Marder and a shrek team too.
Marders kill a couple Su-122s.
Reno's advance bogs down.  Literally...
Turn four my Stugs arrive on the opposite end from objectives and engage the Su-122s.
Marders sneak out to shoot some IS-2 booty, killing one.
Reno tries ro assault, but the single shrek team hits twice and forces them back.  The next turn they get hit by Marders again in the rear and are destroyed or run.
Stugs move up to fire on Reno's reserve Su-76s.
He still has a bunch of tanks slowly reducing my FJs.
He pushes across the river and through the woods, hitting on 6s, and decimates my platoon to a man.  Ouch.  Second FJ can still contest though.
The marauding Stugs have now killed the 76s and are free to make a run for his objective, but not before the Red Air Force bags another tank.
Stugs take his objective, but Reno was making Company Morale checks.  4-3 for the FJ.


  1. Nice looking game. The ruskies gave it a good go but some good shooting unstuck them in teh end by the looks.

  2. great batrep!
    see ya at KublaCon...