Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heer 15cm Nebelwerfers

Man, these took forever.  I was going to originally just use regular bases and dress them up with a rubble theme to match my FJ, or maybe a fence line? I couldn't get anything to look right so I dug out my old resin bases from the 15cm howitzer box set and modified them to work.  I trimmed off all of the artillery rounds and other stuff that wouldn't work with the rocket launchers and used a few bits from my parts box to fill them out.  Pretty happy with how they turned out, but wish the smooth texture was a little better for pigment use.  Only thing that really bugged me was the molded on crud on the base edges, impossible to remove and looks like crap if you paint the edges like I do.
Walls painted up very nice.  Little bits of spackle left on the bricks.
Found some pics of NW smoke rounds with the white bands and thought they'd add some contrast.
Base edges were painted Panzer Grey to differentiate from the FJ and also to remind me they're Allied.


  1. Very nice job. Interesting point about the smoke rounds.

  2. Thanks. I almost wanted to try making my own decals for the rounds but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Maybe some day.

  3. Excellent job. A lot of effort on the bases. It paid off as they look really good.