Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bunkers Finished!

Wow, these took way longer than I thought they would.  The Flak nest especially took forever as I had to fill the slots on the roof.  Tried some new weathering tools from AK Intereactive and loved how they turned out.  It just took some getting used to as these are totally new techniques I'm trying and will next apply to the Marder IIs.  Hopefully the practice I got on the small turret will help streamline the process on a whole armored platoon.
Group shot, might doctor up my BF trenches and Barbed Wire too to match.
Flak Nest painted up to match some Italian style buildings.
HMG nest.  Liked the AK Rust effects.
The AK streaking products were fantastic.  Rain marks and Rust streaks came out nice.
Tried to make the Panzer II turret look like it had been exposed to the elements for awhile.


  1. Great great work. The streaks look amazing.

  2. Thanks, the AK INteractive products are really really nice. They take a little getting used to, but can look very realistic after some practice. I have some Track and Dust effects from them that I'm going to try on the Marders I'm working on now.