Friday, September 4, 2015

6MMRPC Week Fourteen: Midway Report

Now that August has wrapped up we have reached the halfway mark of the challenge.  When we started out in June this is what I hoped to get accomplished at the end of six months:
     - Assemble and paint a Great War British army for a commission. (Flames of War)
     - Assemble and paint units to finish my Early War German army for Historicon. (Flames of War)
     - Assemble and paint two entries for the Iron Cross Competition at Historicon. (Flames of War)
     - Start a 1945 Late War German Volksgrendier army. (Flames of War)
     - Paint some minis for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. (D & D)
     - Paint some samurai minis just because. (Kensei)
     - Paint some custom ships for homebrew X-Wing Miniatures. (X-Wing)

What I actually accomplished:
     - Assembled about a platoon of infantry and three tanks for the Great War British. (FoW)
     - Finished four platoons plus more that I needed for my Historicon army. (FoW)
     - Finished two entries for the Iron Cross Competition and won! (FoW)
     - Thought about maybe someday painting a Volksgrenadier army... (FoW)
     - Run my D&D campaign about two times in three months, didn't paint anything for it. (D&D)
     - Forgot I even had the samurai stuff. (Kensei)
     - Painted four ships and a terrain piece for X-Wing. (X-Wing)
     - Started building a scale model of a Kawasaki Ki-45. (1/72)

Everything I finished, minus the bridge diorama.  It's been shipped to my friend Josh, winner of the painting contest at a tournament I ran last year.
Wehrmacht and Galactic Empire, together again for the first time.
My two favorites, the T-34 and the YT-1300 mod.
Not terrible!  I've also been really good about not buying anything, having only spent one Joker on a pile of swap-meet stuff at a convention, and purchased a single tank to finish an army.  I've also made all of my weekly blog-posts, even adding a few extras!  I placed twice out of three entries at the Historicon Painting Competition, played nine great games of Flames of War, and even dusted off a scale model for practice.  My blog even got a shout-out on the Battlefront Miniatures webpage!

I've really enjoyed this challenge so far and I think I may extend it out after it wraps up in December.


  1. A great amount of progress so far! I may have to steal the idea and do a half way point post as well!

    1. Thanks! I thought I was slacking pretty bad at first but once I wrote everything down I realized a got quite a bit done from my list.

    2. Agreed. Me too. I just spent a joker on Friday though...

  2. Good stuff Rich, keep up the pace, cos so far you've done yer self proud.

    I think I'll write up something similar for half way as well.

  3. Great stuff Richard. Such a talent my friend!

  4. What's the name of that cool ship on the right (with the red stripe)?
    Will you kindly share your homebrew X-Wing rules?

    1. Hi, I just use that ship as a Rebel shuttle instead of the cardboard marker that came in the starter set. It's made from two plastic Ertl model kits , an MTT and the Republic Cruiser.