Monday, September 21, 2015

6MMRPC Week Sixteen: Animated Weapons WiP

This week I mostly worked on continuing projects, cleaning mold lines from the Great War British, and masking the Ki-45 in preparation for airbrushing.  I also was able to get a few easy minis for my 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign painted up, just need to do the bases still.

First up was the Animated Weapons.  These are a Challenge Rating 1/4 Construct and I simply used some spare plastic weapons from a sprue of skeletons I built up previously.  Mounted on some push-pins and quickly painted and washed.

Two Short Swords and a pair or Hand-Axes.  These will be used to ambush unwary adventurers!
I also painted up a cloak that can be used for several different monsters, but will first be used as a Shadow, a Challenge Rating 1/2 Undead.  Also made from spare bits and painted quickly.  The final mini is a plastic Orc from Mantic, I think.  I wanted some orcs on the cheap and couldn't source the Reaper bones at the time I ordered these.  Orcs are Challenge Rating 1/2 Humanoids and are commonly found raiding the lands of more civilized races.

The orc is armed with two hand-axes and is the first of a small warparty I have planned for the campaign.
That's it for this week!  Hopefully I can get these finished up by next time and even get some paint on the Ki-45.

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  1. Haven't seen animated weapons being used in a game for yonks. Aside from a cleric's spiritual weapon, that is. Like how you've painted those though and their design in general is simple and thankfully lacking in typical fantasy "bling".

    My orcs are old pig-faced orcs from the old D&D cartoon!