Saturday, September 12, 2015

Müncheberg Panzers vs. 1. Fallschirmjäger

I was able to get a game in today vs. Alex down in El Paso.  Alex wsa trying out the new digital Müncheberg Panzerdivision list from the Berlin releases and I brought my old 1. Fallschimjäger Divison army I built a few years back.  We played Hold the Line at 1900 points with me defending against the panzers at night.

Alex had two platoons of IR Panthers, an IR Panzersturm, Wirbelwinds, recon, and a battery of 10.5cm artillery.  We rolled for time of night and got Dusk.  The first three turns would still be light out, but then we roll for nightfall.  The sun would go down on turn four for us.  

Both objectives were close to one another and I was able to deploy both of my FJ platoons and the PaK40 platoon to defend them.  The Marder IIs would be in Ambush.
By Turn Three I had most of my Reserves in, including the StuG platoon.  I was able to hold off an assault by the Panzersturm on my front line but one of the FJ platoons was now at half-strength.  
Darkness falls on Turn Four and Alex had made a push down my left flank with a pair of Panthers.  The remains of his Panzersturm platoon was also creeping back up to my front FJs.  I'm able to bag his recon with a lucky shot which allows me to assault his Sturm first, destroying the final three teams for a loss of one of mine.  It puts me under half, but all I need is a 2+ to stay, which I make.
By Turn Five I had fallen back from the building, but was still contesting.
I dared to bring out my StuGs to take shots at the Wirbelwinds, which I Bail Out both.  The return fire from Alex would destroy one.
With the FlaK threat at least mitigated somewhat I'm able to deploy the Ambush on my Turn Six, destroying a Panther and a Wirbelwind.
Turn Seven would see the remaining Panther surrounded by Marders and StuGs, it would get knocked-out on Turn Eight.
Alex's last chance at a point would see the other Panthers destroy a team of FJs, but the two teams remaining make their 2+ check.  Alex's company breaks on his next turn.
It was nice to get a game in after a two-month break!  Alex is a great opponent who has a love for interesting German lists.  The IR-equipped Panthers are really cool.  6-1 win for the stubborn Fallschirmjäger from Cassino.


  1. What did you think of the IR rules?

    Your mate needs to get painting from the look of things! :)

    1. The rules seem pretty cool, though this list is CV and quite expensive. I think they would be better against other armor lists, since that's where the Panthers will be best. They have an option to run Tiger Is instead of on of the Panther units and I think that's the way to go since you need to assault at some point.
      Alex just bought these guys and only has his Panzersturm done so far. He actually assembled the Panthers right before we started!

  2. Great writeup. Where did yo score those sweet 'FIRE' markers? Do you use them to mark each team or are they simply for visual for your AAR?

    1. Thanks. Those are made by Battlefront to show any teams that fire during night battles. Part of the Nachtjäger releases. They reveal themselves for return fire so need to be marked.