Monday, September 28, 2015

6MMRPC Week Seventeen: Skeleton Warriors WiP

In preparation for October I finished assembling these skeletons.  I wrote up a little side dungeon for my D&D group and these will be the main enemy in an abandoned keep in the hinterlands of the Sword Coast of Faerun.  One of them will be a leveled Big Bad at the end, the former officer in charge of the now cursed keep.  These have been partially constructed for months, but with the holiday coming it's time.

Skeletons are Challenge Rating 1/4 Undead, the leader will be a Challenge Rating 2 Undead.

These minis are really cool, I wanted the bits-of-rusted-armor look for them.  I think they're Kings of War from Mantic.
The officer.  These plastic minis came in multiple parts and let you swap arms, torsos, etc.  Options for weapons too.
October is almost here!


  1. Yesss - Undead are classic badguys for any rpg adventure.

    Eager to see how you paint these up!

    1. Gotta have some undead in the arsenal.

      Been ages to find actual painting time these days, but goal is to have them done by Halloween.