Monday, September 14, 2015

6MMRPC Week Fifteen: A Little Bit of Everything

This week I dabbled a bit into several projects.  My paint finally arrived for my Ki-45 and I was able to get some work done on it.  I continued working on Sam's Great War British, priming the landships and getting some infantry and guns cleaned up.  I made a decision on my Shifting Sands list, and I also dug out my Kensei figures and worked on them a little.

This particular color of paint for the Ki-45 took way too long to arrive, was back-ordered or something.  I should've just mixed something I already had, oh well.  I airbrushed the interior areas and then finished up all of the details before putting a basic wash on it.  Once that was dry I assembled the body and wings, and moved on to masking the canopies.  I've never done that before and it was tedious for sure.  Next up is camo.

The cockpit assembly came together pretty well.  Fit on the wings left a gap I'll need to fill.
Canopy masking in this scale is a pain...
The landships got a coat of primer but the male sponsons all need to have some uneven spots filled on the top.  I also got most of the guns cleaned up and some infantry too.

I almost forgot to put the front MGs on the Mark IVs.  I was wondering why I had so many extras!
The Kensei stuff I bought on a whim from Bartertown several months ago.  Some of them were already assembled and primed but I need to go back and clean up a few mold lines.  They also got beat up pretty bad and I'll need to do some repair work on the sashimono banners and yaris.  Date Masamune also seems to have lost his trademark crescent moon helmet crest.

Such good sculpts!  I also got mounted samurai, nodachi samurai and a few other single figs, like a geisha, ninja, and a few monks.  Also ended up with some mythological monsters.
Shifting Sands is in January and it is an Early War Blitzkreig event.  I've requsted that they add a few more lists that historically fought in the theatre but we will see if they allow them.  So far I'll be taking the Liechte Pionier list from the Blitzkrieg book, seven platoons of Confident Veteran Mechanized infantry for 1500 points.  One platoon of pioniers will be mounted in armored half-tracks, one in trucks, I have motorcycle reconnaissance, the ubiquitous 3.7cm PaK36s, a pair of 10.5cm howitzers for smoke and pinning, a pair of Panzer IV Ds, and three Panzer Is with demolition charges.  The Company Commander also gets a Panzer I.  It's not the most competetive list for sure, but I think it will be fun to build and play.  I need to buy several models still, so that'll cost me another joker. 

What I have so far.  Need to buy four tanks, five half-tracks, the howitzers, three trucks, and the motorcycle troops.
I also burned my second joker this week, bought a lot of Gebirgsjäger from a friend.  


  1. You can dip canopies in future floor polish to make them look even more like glass, even add tint to it (inks)
    works well.

  2. Nice to see progress on the plane.

    Those Japanese minis are defintely sweet sculpts. Looking forward to seeing more on these.

    1. Dude, of all of the planes I ever started in my youth, this is sadly one of the ones closest to completion. Also the first one I've airbrushed since about 1995.
      I'm also really digging the Kensei stuff, not sure what I'd ever use them for though.